Who we are

The Department of Students’ Welfare is headed by the Dean of Students, who is responsible for the provision of students’ welfare services.  It is a support function to students’ learning.

The department has six sections under which it provides the students’ welfare services. They include the Halls of Residence, the Catering Centres, the Games and Sports Section, the Guidance and Counseling section, the Places of Worship and the Students’ Guild.


To be regional leaders in provision of students’ welfare services.


To provide quality students’ welfare services for academic and professional excellence that endures.

Key functions:

  • Receive new students and organize their orientation.
  • Accommodation and feeding of students.
  • Organize games and sports and general recreation services.
  • Provide emotional and psychosocial support through guidance and counseling.
  • Cater for the spiritual needs of students.
  • Coordinate and guide activities of students’ leaders.
  • Be in charge of the students’ discipline.

The department ensures that the students access suitable accommodation on and off campus. The University has five Halls of residence which accommodate 1,400 male and female students. The rest of the students get accommodation in private hostels in the vicinity of the University. The hostels are inspected and approved by University officials.

The department has three Catering Centers which provide quality meals to the students and other members of the University community. The catering services are provided by Private Catering Companies with proven experience in provision of catering services.