Games and Sports

Kyambogo University Games and Sports Section has been in existence since the inception of the University after the merger of three former institutions; Institute of Teacher Education Kyambogo (ITEK), Uganda Polytechnic Kyambogo (UPK) and Uganda National Institute of Special Needs Education (UNISE) in 2003. The section falls under the Students’ Welfare Department headed by the Dean of Students. The  University  recognizes  sports  as  a  powerful  means  of  enhancing  the  health  wellbeing, entertainment, recreation and nurturing talent of its members.

The games and sports section serves  to  promote  and  develop  sports  at  the  University  particularly  for  the students, staff, and other users of KyU sports facilities.

Core Values

The section operates in line with the vision, mission and motto of the university.

Our core values are;

Quality :  Ensuring excellence of output and service delivery

Equity :  Ensuring equal opportunities for all in sports including

persons with disabilities.          

Integrity:  Promotion of a high sense of moral and ethical standards in

all its dealings with students, staff and the general public.

Professionalism: Professionalism shall be observed in all dealings and

execution of the University’s mandate.

Athletics (M&W)

Badminton (M&W)

Basketball (M&W)

Baseball (M)

Netball (M&W)

  Soccer (M&W)

Handball (M&W) 

Hockey (M&W)

Cross Country (M&W)

  Rugby (M&W) 

Swimming (M&W) 



Marathon (M&W)


Table Tennis (M&W)

Taekwondo (M&W)

Pool Table (M&W)

Tennis (M&W)

Cricket (M&W)

Chess (M&W)

Darts (M&W)

Omweso (M&W)


SoftBall (M&W)

Sport for PWD’s


  • To provide mass sport to Kyambogo University as means of promoting recreation for students and staff.
  • To mobilize all University students and staff to participate in games and sports for the purpose of improving their health and fitness.
  • Provide a variety of sports programmes/activities for the purpose of nurturing and enhancing the talents of student athletes at Kyambogo University.
  • Engage all students and staff in Kyambogo University in participating in games and sports as a means of entertainment.


The  University  shall  endeavor  to  provide  a  variety  of  recreational  activities  for  the  entire community  in  order for  them to  enjoy  their stay  in  the  University.  In  this  context,  it  isparticularly  effective  to  promote  customized,  quality  programming  for underrepresentedand/or marginalized students and staff to increase participation and the personal and socialbenefits.

Health and Fitness

Whereas the core role of the University is academics, games and sports is part and parcel of a holistic individual. Games  and  sports  activities  therefore  should  be  accessed  in  order  to realize  a  healthy  and  fit  community. Through participation in games and sports activities, health related risk factors shall also be minimized.


In all working and studying environments, both staff and students need some time to relax and get entertained.  Provision of games and sports activities, colorful and attractive will entertain the University community to everyone’s satisfaction. Therefore, students and staff shall  be  motivated  primarily  by  fun,  health,  social  interaction  and  relaxation  throughengagement in basic games and sports activities.

Talent promotion

Studying at the University and getting engaged in games and sports activities should be ableto promote individual talents.  Student athletes getting involved in competitive activities should be a clear way of improving and promoting their talents to elite caliber sports. Strongpartnerships and linkages with organizations in other sectors will help to ensure competitive sport  where  talented  athletes shall  achieve  their  full  potential  in  personal  and  social development through participation.

Use and maintenance of games and sports facilities

The  University  shall  have  in  place  clear  and  well  defined guidelines for  the  use  and maintenance of the games and sports facilities. These will guide and direct all users on how facilities should be accessed and used.